Works great!!
This flask and shot glass is brand new...its portable, foldable, planet friendly and reusable. Make a great gift. This flask retails for $17 online at .... toteandable.com so $8 is less than half price...check it out!!
If you have any questions about one of these products I will be happy to answer all questions. 4 of these are full bottles...some have been sitting in my shed for awhile ...2 bottles are 1/4 full...the rest are 3/4 full. $10 for ALL!!
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Commercial Products brand aluminium can crusher and 30 gallon recycling bin. Used, totally clean, like new. Takes 30 gallon trash bags. 80.00 new at walmart. Color is light grey.
I have several vacuums, different brands and they all work. $25 form some and a little more for the more advanced vacuums. Call or text Four Seven Nine - 2o2-3633 Thank you!
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