: Two piston and four push rods that came out of a 2013 Harley Davidson CVO Road Glide with 5,000 miles on it. Upgraded to stage 3 kit. Call with any questions at 870-904-7118. Thanks Posted with eBay Mobile
. . . This is a Brazilian made Weber. IT IS REBUILDABLE. KITS ARE READILY AVAILABLE TO REBUILD THIS. Notice the Weber logo cast into the front of it (pictured). The bottom bore measures at 29.93 mm. I did not disassemble the throttle plate to measure it. It has an electric choke and an electric fuel cut off. The float, choke, accelerator pump, and throttle assemblies are not seized. It seems li...
. . . WILL DO ANOTHER PRODUCTION RUN IF ENOUGH ARE INTERESTED IN BUYING ONE OR MORE. LET ME KNOW, I'll KEEP TRACK OF THOSE WHO DESIRE TO ORDER AND WILL COMMISSION ANOTHER BATCH IF I NEED A TOTAL OF 10 OR MORE. SOLD OUT! SOLD OUT! SOLD OUT! (for now) I needed a fuel tank reserve valve nut because mine was cracked, and my two spare reserve valves were missing this same nut. Unfortunately, I did n...
Cams have polished and professionally checked out, they are ready to install. Intermediate shaft, chain and gears and towers are used. Brand: Porsche Warranty: No Manufacturer Part Number: 930.105.148.7R and 930.105.147.7R Country/Region of Manufacture: Germany Other Part Number: 901.105.111.1R Selling some parts from my non numbers matching 2.7L engine out of my 75 911S. This was a project in ...
Condition: Used Runs Good Muffler is bad Tie rods need replaced New tires on front Doesn't need extra oil between changes 217,719 miles Cracks in front windshield and sunroof Call at 417-540-6000 if more questions
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